Roy Stanfield is a web and native app designer working for Airbnb in San Francisco, California.

Hi, I'm in the midst of a transition – saying goodbye to Etsy (where I enjoyed 3.5 very productive years) and saying hello to my new coworkers at Airbnb. Right now I'm feverishly packing up in Brooklyn and will soon be trucking it out to San Francisco. You can find some of my Etsy work below. Cheers!

A few of my co-workers from Etsy on IPO day

At Etsy I’ve created designs for iOS, Android and the responsive web, and worked with teams that prioritize testing and user research to make product decisions. Along the way I’ve created mockups, designed with code and prototyped animations all while advocating for Etsy to embrace emergent mobile technologies. The whole experience has highlighted the importance of eliminating barriers between designers, engineers, product managers, product marketing managers and executives. Here’s some of the work.

Excited about the device's impending release, my coworker and I set to work developing Etsy for Apple Watch. It enables Handoff and offers notifications, package tracking, and a recommended items feed for Etsy buyers. At release, we were delighted to be featured on both the App Store and in the new Apple Watch app's featured section.

Etsy for Apple Watch
Etsy for Apple Watch, 2015. Left to right, top to bottom: notification, recommended items glance, home screen, orders shipped glance, package tracking modal.
Etsy for Apple Watch

In 2014 I designed Etsy's second native app, Sell on Etsy, which launched in six countries. Building on top of that foundation my team and I launched a card reader for both Android and iOS devices that helps sellers make in-person cash and credit card sales. Unlike a Square reader, it is powerfully integrated with an Etsy seller's shop inventory. Fred Wilson writes about it here.

Before Etsy I worked at Mixel, building fun apps for creating, sharing and remixing collages. While there I created designs for the iPad, iPhone and web. On the web side, I implemented my work using Ruby on Rails, Javascript and CSS. Mixel was acquired by Etsy in January 2013.

I start my day walking to work wearing a nerdsack and listening to audio books. I usually follow this up with an hour of extracurricular iOS programming. …And hey, if you see a nice car in the city streets, please add it to #roysgarage on Instagram.